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The Costs of Medications

Most of us don’t just take one medication for one condition: as you will see here, we end up taking medications to counteract the actions of other medications. It gets messy. And costly.

Changing Medications – What Can You Expect?

Just ONE example of how changing medications may not be as simple as just opening a new bottle of pills. If you or someone in your life is changing medications, please be gentle. Be understanding. Be aware it may NOT be smooth sailing.

Let’s Revisit Pacing

People relate to me that they did a really good four kilometre walk but know they will now be stuffed for two days. I cringe. NO, NO, NO – do not do this! This is NOT Movement as Medicine! That is setting yourself up for failure.

A Dark Day

I debated about sharing this experience as I don’t want to worry anyone, but on the other hand the purpose of this site is to help people like me living with challenging health conditions.

Variety can be the Spice of Life

Don’t be afraid to be adaptable. Leave out bits of any program on days that a body part is problematic. Catch up later when that body part feels better.

That Darn Pain Measurement Scale

We can quantify temperature and blood pressure. But not pain. Modern MRIs, CT scanners and ultrasounds let clinicians assess things their predecessors could only dream about imaging 100 years ago. But not pain.

Symptom Diaries

What is a Symptom Diary and why use one?

Unexpected Hospitalisation

As some will know, I was recently in hospital. I thought it a good example of the unpredictability of some conditions, including mine.

Covid-19: Worst Case Scenario Ignored

We are ignoring the Worst Case Scenarios. We are not planning ahead. We are living in hope: hope Covid-19 will disappear.


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