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Symptom Diaries

What is a Symptom Diary and why use one?

Unexpected Hospitalisation

As some will know, I was recently in hospital. I thought it a good example of the unpredictability of some conditions, including mine.

Covid-19: Worst Case Scenario Ignored

We are ignoring the Worst Case Scenarios. We are not planning ahead. We are living in hope: hope Covid-19 will disappear.

The Impact

When I was young, I just got on with life as best I could. I pushed the deaths to the back of my mind. There was nothing I could do about it, I couldn’t bring them back, it had been their decisions.

My Childhood

I remember catching eels with my father. Spraying gorse bushes. Helping in the woolshed. Dipping sheep. Giving mouth to nose resuscitation to a calf we pulled out using a tractor. Birthing lambs because my hands were smaller than Dad’s. Fleeting snippets of my life.

The Background

What is done, is done. Nothing can reverse the passage of time or the events of the past for me personally. I’m interested in the scientific aspects of my journey in the context of my chronic illness. Can we learn anything that might help others?

I LOVE a Mystery!

I do! I love a mystery. Be forewarned: this article is outside my qualifications or skill set – I just want to share the mystery.

Resilience and Pain

What comes first? The chicken or the egg? Does high pain lower resilience, or low resilience heighten pain sensitivity?

Movement As Medicine

Here’s the caveat. Make sure you talk to your doctor/(s) and/or physiotherapist before using Movement As Medicine. My purpose is to provide my experience as encouragement from a practical perspective. To illustrate the value of moving.


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