Spring has Sprung! Annual Sun Protection Warning!

Yes, folks, it is finally spring. Days are getting longer, the sun is getting stronger. Time to revisit the need for sun protection, if you let your routines lapse in the colder months.

As I prepared to hit the gym today, I checked the UV rating for today. Yes, we need protection.

Despite the fact it is raining today, clouds are not protection. Start your good sun habits now so you’ll be on automatic pilot for the rest of summer.

Last year I wrote about the additional challenges those on medications may face – quite a few medications result in photosensitivity – we have to be extra vigilant with our protection. If you have recently started on new medications, I recommend you talk to your doctor or pharmacist about this topic.

I was speaking with someone recently who believed you could not get skin damage through car windows or glass. Yes, you may do, depending on the circumstances. Refer to this article on Skincancer.org for more details.

The Sun Smart website has a wealth of information to help you stay protected, including a reminder to check the use-by date of your sun cream.

One tip I learnt last year – you will find warnings on some sun protection brands re the risk of staining clothing. Trust me on this – those ones DO stain clothing! Because I wear sun protection all the time, not just at the beach, this is important. I now have two stained white tops I really liked. I can attest the Cancer Council brand did NOT stain my clothing, so I stick to that one these days!

Source: SunSmart.com.au

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Robyn Dunphy

I offer exercise guidance to those with chronic medical conditions where exercise is beneficial.

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